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The Avalonian Alignment by Rev Anna May

EUR 9.99


The Avalonian array consists of a series of 9 activation energies of Light Beings that are directly connected through the ancient mystical area of ​​Glastonbury, Somerset, England; also known as the island of Avalon.

These powerful energies are passed directly to the recipient by Avalonian Beings of Light;

I act only as a facilitator in the process.

The granting of powers are transferred in the spirit of pure love and the divine light, and so that the sacred nature of the magical energies of Avalonian can be brought to the ground and use in your life and work.

The allocation of powers will take place 'in the following way:

The recipient is cleaned from any stagnant or negative energy that can cause imbalance and prevent the flow of energy.

An imbalance in terms of energy can give symptoms to emotional, mental or physical. When the energy system is in perfect balance, the physical, mental, and spiritual and emotional health is at its best;

Namely that in 'individual will not experience illness or disease but it does mean that their body and energy' in the best shape to facilitate recovery or to enable them to manage their symptoms and so on. For this reason, the activations are said to have a healing effect.

The second objective is to excite the center regarding empowerment, means that the natural flow of life energy increases.

The third purpose of all power is the alignment.

During the empowerment, the energy center with which it is in tune is cleared / cured, enabled and aligned to the energy frequency of Avalon through the connection with the 'Avalonian Beings of Light who oversee the process.

The alignment of these frequencies in time and working with the techniques of each empowerment, the natural vibration of the body rises and the higher spiritual energies are able to be grounded and more fully expressed through the physical.

The combination of powerful channels of energy in the earth to Tor is expressed in 'unique energy of the place. The Avalonian Beings of Light through the energies of the Tor assist those visiting now as they have always done in the past. A visit to the Tor always starts an internal change of the visitors;

Wisdom and knowledge are acquired perspective is changed.

The practitioner levels

The Earth Star Empowerment

The Star of origin Empowerment

The Star of Empowerment Waters

The Star of Sacred Flame Empowerment

The star of the Empowerment Heart

The Star of the Winds Empowerment

The star of perception Empowerment

The star of the Mountain Empowerment

The soul Empowerment Star

The Facilitator Level includes

The Star of the Upper Light Empowerment

The star of the Source Empowerment

The Star of Avalonia Empowerment

Receive activations chi ball,  10 manuals by the founder in English

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