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Chalice Well by Ananda Jyothsana

EUR 6.99


 year 2012  - $ 25.00

Chalice Well is a gentle awakening!

 Stimulates love of self, love of others, love of the Universe. 

Teaches one how to give and receive love. 

Teaches the power of forgiveness.

It assist to opens the heart allowing emotional release.

 It help to heals soul trauma. 

Clears and encourages a beautiful complexion.

Chalice Well Essence brings those mired, stuck or lost in the past into appreciation of life in body.

 It Amplifies other modalities when blended with them. Clarity. It is a Core cleansing.

 It aligns us with the Earth’s rhythm and vibration.

 Supports self-healing of migraines, indigestion, foot ailments, work aholism and loss of interest in life. 

It lifts pain and despair,

 it opens heart to new ideas of fulfillment.

 Orders pain so it can be understood, valued, respected and honored.

you will receive pdf manual and Chi Ball Attunement

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