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Dragon Light Initiation to High Energy by Gaby Solina Grill Mitterhofer and Ellen Dana `S Stamer


50 euro

 this is a system that self-development, the discovery of hidden talents

from the manual ..

The power of SY `GRON, the golden dragon sparkles in the colors of the rainbow.  Extract from the channeling of 28.11.2006 with SY `GRON:

"Greetings to you my love, I'm SY` GRON, a golden dragon, my homeland is the planet Eris. I was called here to assist you, as always, the energies are higher and brighter as it nears its end with the duality and the rise of the planet Earth into the fifth dimension is imminent.

My joy is great to be with you. Many children, the Rainbow Crystals and Crystal children can see, I already physically. And some that are on our side the light warriors are called, have already changed her mind as far as we can see dragons. Many of us are with you now on earth.

The hour when all the veils of illusion is falling, now even close. I will support you in your final steps into reality and give you some wonderful things to show when it goes on a journey with me.

This agreement gives you strength, courage, confidence, confidence in all the things to come now. It enables you quickly get out of the duality, you also are more lucid dreams, your consciousness that you help out the 5th Dimension change.

you will receive pdf manual in english and chi ball attunement

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