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Crave Control Generator by Argandini Titisari

EUR 9.99


 year  2014  - $ 43 


You are in the process of a weight loss program, it is often Difficult to control the craving while in the condition you do not Feel hungry or need, and emotional eating ultimately derail your Diet process. 

Crave Control Generator is a powerful energy to break your destructive Lusts, addiction to foods and appetite to support your weight loss process in a healthy way. 

This energy also helps to control and balance your mental and emotional, Relieve stress and impulsive or compulsive behavior.

 Crave Control Generator gives you a new perspective of a positive and healthy life, it Keeps you from setting impossible standards that could lead to a fall. 

It assist you Tou build a strong will to achieve your goal, relieve fears, build self-control, build Self-discipline, removes self-criticism, dogma and perfectionist also instills an Awareness that you can change your life to a better one.

 Crave Control Generator has grounding effect and detox effect on your body, it has Self cleansing features that work automatically while you do the treatment

you will receive pdf manual and Chi Ball Attunement

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