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Panca Maha Bhuta Balancing Power by ArgandiniI Titisari

EUR 9.99


Panca  Maha Bhuta  Balancing Power  by ArgandiniI Titisari 

 year 2016  - 40 $


We know there are 5 elements in Ayurvedic systems that form our life And balance all aspects of our life.

 When in balance, these elements Support life, but when out of balance, our body will encounter some Dysfunctional in physically and mentally.

 For example; Lack of fire element causing Passion deflected, less enthusiastic, inability to take risks, etc.

 Or if you have air Elements of imbalance that could cause dry skin, judgemental, pedantic attitude and Much more.

 Bench Maha Bhuta Balancing Power works to balance all the 5 elements in our body 

To acquire a healthy and balanced living especially in physical and mental terms.

 this Energy assist in;

 • Balancing body systems such as nerve system, digestion, mind, body Organs, muscles etc. 

• Balancing body chemicals (hormones), libido and moods.

 • Balancing emotional and has a powerful grounding effect to overcome Anxiety, anger, attachments, stubborn, worry, etc 

• Balancing health and immune system. 

• Improve the qualities of spirit such as healing, instinct, intuition, wisdom and awareness.

 • Improve the ability to manifest your desire in career, financial, business, Family and your own personal goals

you will receive pdf manual and Chi Ball Attunement

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