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Etheric Healer's Shield by Argandini Titisari

EUR 9.99


year  2017- 40 $ 

Etheric Healer's Shield is a great energy which very helpful to healers who working in cities or a hectic urban environment.

 It refreshes your energy, protects physical, emotional and spiritual fields from outside negative energies such as peoples' stress, crowded place, harmful electromagnetic waves, angers, and much more; 

reduces energetic risks from doing healing work, protects from negative entities/ manipulative evil beings and also clears the space around your healing area

Etheric Healer’s Shield prevents a healer from having energetically and physically drained and also help the energy break process to break free all the energy cords connection which may have picked up from your client's energy. 

It also promotes spiritual development for healers, re-aligns the physical and etheric body, cleanses and strengthens auras.

you will receive pdf manual and Chi ball attunement

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