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Supersensory Charm Essence by Argandini Titisari - Manual in English or in German

EUR 9.99



year  2016 - 40 $

Supersensory Charm Essence helps the development process of enhancing your metaphysical senses ability such as :
Clairvoyance (clear seeing) : the ability to gain a sense of visual telepathic information about an event, object, location, past or present and a person.

Clairaudience (clear hearing) : the ability to perceive sound , words or messages from another frequency or realm.

Clairsentient (clear feeling) : the ability to feel and sense emotional state of others, either in the past or present.

Clairgustus & Clairaroma (clear tasting & smelling) : the ability to taste and smell something with your psychic sense.

Claircognizance (clear thinking) : or sometimes called clear knowing, it’s the ability to get the intuitive moment.

This energy promotes insight, mind clarity and understanding because it's all related to your 3rd eye chakra.

 It also has a grounding effect by transmuting negative energy to protect you from outside negative energy.

you will receive pdf manual and Chi Ball Attunement

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