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Clear-Seeing Empowerment by Argandini Titisari

EUR 7.99


year 2012 -28 $

Clear-seeing Empowerment is the empowerment of ―seeing‖ beyond the five senses.

 It helps to develop your psychic abilities, harmonize both higher and lower energies.

 Clear-seeing Empowerment related to the third-eye chakra.

 It helps to stimulate, opens and activate the third-eye chakra.
The imbalances in the third-eye chakra — the center of clairvoyant faculties — often arise from disturbances in the lower chakras, when emotional and instinctual energies are not properly integrated by the individual. 

Clear-seeing Empowerment also helpful for people who are seeking balanced psychic opening, or who may experience ―vision‖ problems. 

Other benefits:

 Raising your Frequencies

 Creating balance of your emotional and spiritual bodies

 Helps to connect the right side of your brain – the feminine, creative and intuitive aspect

 Helps to raising self esteem

 Activate and balancing all chakras

 Bring an enlightened consciousness

you will receive pdf manual and Chi Ball Attunement

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