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Ultimate Heartbreak Healing (Heartbreak Healing Ver. 2.0) by Argandini Titisari

EUR 9.99


year 2017 - 40 $

Heartbreak Healing is a powerful heart healer, it nourishes The heart from wounded experiences such as heartbreak from a Loved ones, being rejected, breakups, jealousy, deceived, toxic Relationship, grudge, betrayal, grief and much more ─ which can be extremely Difficult to overcome and it can cause energy drained, emotionally pain, Depression, stress, anxiety, loneliness, fear, feel threatened, dependency and Much more. 

This energy works not just within the scope of romantic But also covers a broad range of issues such as the relationship with The mother and father, family, friends and people around us.

 This system was complemented by several new aspects that required treatment Heartbreak more effectively, such as;

 ▪ Restores our heart by healing, nourishing and purifying the heart from Toxic energy. 

▪ Restores aura and protects it and fills it with gentle loving vibes.

 ▪ Promotes forgiveness and letting go. 

▪ Dissolves toxic energy from the energy fields.

 ▪ Releases any attachment that hangs onto our energy fields. 

▪ Heals the inner child and heals traumatic events from our childhood.

 ▪ Promotes courage in a hopeless situation to take a right and important decision. 

▪ Balances heart chakra and helps to lower the stress.

 ▪ Soothes emotional stress and trauma. 

 ▪ Aids in releasing the causes and discords the unhealthy relationship.

 ▪ Increases intuition

you will receive pdf manual and Chi Ball Attunement

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