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Energetic Aura Reiki by Argandini Titisari

EUR 6.99


   Aura is life.

 It is the energy That Animates our physical body.

 The auric field exists in different layers sometimes Referred to as harmonics Because of the color fields they emit. Each layer of the auric field is a body just as real and alive as the physical body. each layer is a mini world with its own sense of purpose. 

The magic of the auric field is in how These mini worlds intertwine and dance with one another. 

These interconnect layers with one another determining our experience with our physical reality. The physical body is surrounded by an ovoid emanation made up of seven layers of the auric field. 

The seven bands of the auric field can be divided into two planes; the physical and the spiritual. 

The three physical planes of the auric fields are composed of the Etheric Body, Emotional Body and the Mental Body. 

The Astral Body is the bridge between the physical level and the spiritual level of the auric fields. 

The three levels of the spiritual auric field are the Etheric Spiritual Body, Celestial Body and the Body Ketheric. 

Energetic Aura Reiki offers the auric field to potential balancing vibration. 

The Energetic Aura Reiki is an energetic energy to protect the balanced body holding its new vibration. 

Energetic Aura Reiki is a full spectrum vibrational energy That restores the healthy vibration to the etheric body, Allowing the physical body to re-balance itself.

 Energetic Aura Reiki works well to clears the aura and surroundings from negative energy Which lingers in our auras and environment. After the transmutation and riddance of negative energy, this powerful high vibrational energy is channeled especially to ground, stabilize, protect the aura and surroundings, and to banish unwanted That energy can make us feel 'out of sorts', to create a calm and uplifting environment.

This Energetic Aura Reiki Also Strengthens and enhances our connection to cosmic energy. 

As the high vibrational energy of life force enter your Aura the colors become brighter, lighter, and cleansed causing a shift in the density of the Aura. 

This energy stimulates Also   the Aura to re-harmonize and restore itself back to its perfect shape and balance.

 Any holes or tears are closed and healed. You are left feeling lighter and brighter.

 This is a single level of the Reiki system with 3 symbol

you will receive pdf manual and chi ball attunement

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