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Hummingbird Totem by Wren Kihara

EUR 5.00

by Wren Kihara

Known for happiness and joy, the hummingbird is

the love for life.

The color that attracts them is the red color that represents the heart and love.

One of the common beliefs is that hummingbirds are the messengers between the worlds. As such they help shamans to keep nature and spirit in balance.

His singing is considered a melody of blissful ecstasy and those with the hummingbird, as totems are a joy to those around us.

The Hummingbird people dislike environments where reigns discord and quickly go away looking for a more harmonious environment.

They have the ability to see the essence of things.

in the manual you will find information on how to call up the most of the empowerment.

Receive attunement chi ball, manual in English

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